Hey You!!

Hey You!!

Hey you! Yes, you! You just stumbled across one of the coolest blogs around, and it’s still a work in progress. Hi, my name is Scott, but my friends know me as Gymel; but that’s a story I can tell you another time…..

I really hope you enjoy everything that I speak about, word to the wise though? I do speak my mind, and constructive criticism is always welcome here, so don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. I do however, have two rules:

1. No bashing of comments, as everyone is entitled to speak freely, but remain respectful.

2. No racism talk. That is strictly forbidden.

Well, thanks for stopping by Gymel Smythe Unltd…. I try to have fun when I am writing, as well as be  informative. It would be awesome if you followed me! I follow back, and on all of the major platforms. Ok, enough talk, lest go have some fun!  See you inside!





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