Tuesday Tidbit

Good Morning!
Hello  family! I woke up this morning feeling so drained from the events that happened yesterday. My heart truly goes out to all of the victims ( alive and otherwise) of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This senseless act of tyranny shall not go unpunished; for there is a higher power that will deal with these evil people.

Who Did It?

What really bothered me about the situation though, is the fact that this could have been a “False Flag” attack. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s a fancy term for “the government was holding a training exercise”. If this is true, then this situation could get out of control very quickly. But then again, with everything going on with Bin Laden’s old people, and Korea, and China, i mean come on. So right now, “we” (citizens) don’t know who did it. But i bet “they”(the Feds) know.

What’s Next?

Nobody knows but the ones who truly rule this country. We are all just puppets, even Mr. Obama, who is like; the worst CEO ever. The case studies in my Management module for school clearly explain how to manage an organization effectively. I’m sorry Mr. Obama, but you’re killing our competitive advantage. The dollar is about to die. And the government is constantly allotting more money in the budget to be spent. On whaaat????? It’s not in creating new jobs. And if you keep printing money off to cover your behind, INFLATION is what will kill the nation. That is why the dollar is losing it’s value. Pay attention family, it’s getting REAL out there!

Positive Phrase of the Day

Alright, so with all of this negative stuff going on, lets get a bit of positive energy flowing. Today’s Positive Phrase is: “I am open to receive more wisdom every day.” Think about this. Comments are encouraged, maybe you all have some positive or motivational words? As always, keep your heads up, and keep your eyes peeled for new posts…..



So What do You Think?

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