Izzy didn’t see it coming. she was thinking this broad would be crazy enough to even be in her face like that, but she was. As she was finishing that last sentence, something like spider sense went off in her head, telling her to step back. She started to, but by that time, Angie had already swung; and caught her dead in the jaw.

        Daaaammmnnnnn!!!!” Everybody in the lobby seemed to exclaim at the exact same time. ‘” Oh shyt, she just rocked me!!”, Izzy thought as she back pedaled and smashed up against the nurses desk. And as this was going through her head, and she was working through the dizziness, she saw shorty ready to swing again. ” Naw trick, not again..” she said, side stepping as Angie’s VVS’d up hand flew by her face, barely missing. This chick was a brawler. Gymel sure new how to pick ’em. The two squared up, and from somewhere off to the left, they both swore they heard a bell ding ( Was it the elevator?) but that’s all it took, cuz now it was straight Ali/Mayweather action. They were both about the same height, 5′ 9″, and weighed about the same; neither one was a toothpick. These chicks were stallions, and when they swung they put some ass into it!. As they squared off and circled each other, feinting and blocking, looking for the money shot, the charge nurse had her iPhone out, youtubing everything and probably Worldstar too. Izzy faked a jab with her left and made Angie go for the block with hers, which made her frop her guard, and Izzy came with a well placed cross, followed by a quick jab to the chin, and then a nasty uppercut; sending homegirl flying into the wall where some spare gurneys were. Oddly, nobody in the place was making a move to stop the fight..Weird. but as isabella rushed Angie as she was getting up off the gurney, Angie made a quick chopping motion with her hand, and Izzy felt a hot pain across her thigh. ‘ Oh no this bitch did NOT just cut me!!!” Oh yes she had. Ya’ll have to remember that Angie was a hood chick, born and raised in Decatur; so she wasn’t a rookie when it came to throwing down. “Ok, now it’s getting real,” Angie said. Gymel is MY babydaddy! he just smashing you, i don’t know why??? so imma ride for mine!!!” she made another slicing motion, almost taking isabella’s hand off. Izzy had to think quick. she wasn’t expecting a fight, much less a knife fight; and in the hospital no less! Somebody called out to her from her right side, and when she turned to look, she saw Daisha her home girl running through the door, taser in hand. In one quick motion she had thrown it, Izzy had caught it, and Angie was feelin’ it! The jolt of electricity immediately stopped her in her tracks, and she dropped the knife. That’s when Izz went straight MMA. She started stomping Angie in the ribs, working the body; intent on making sure this chick wasn’t gonna leave the same way she came in. Just when it seemed like she was gonna kill her, she heard the voice.


         Momma Smythe had reached the hospital not too long after the taser incidident. When she pulled up, she was madd confused, it looked like a Las Vegas fight going on in the ER. Camera phones were out, money was changing hands, and in the middle of the hospital lobby, she saw her future daughter-in-law working her ex daughter-in-law like an overtime shift at KFC. She calmy took stock of the situation, made her way through the crowd, which wasn’t hard because EVERYBODY new Momma Smythe, and though small in stature, she was HUGE on attitude. The crowd parted like the Red Sea. She calmly walked up to the two and simply said ” ENOUGH!!!” Angie looked up through swollen eyes, and Izzy turned around mid punch. ” How DARE you disrespect yourselves in public like this, how DARE you! How DARE you disrespect ME like this??? My son is in critical condition inches away from death, and you two are out here trying to kill each other? AT THE HOSPITAL???? Do NOT make me put BOTH OF YOU in your proper places, I WILL make change out of ya’ll $5 asses!” The famous actor piped up again ” You tell ’em Momma!” Momma Smythe turned and stared at him, and if you’ve ever felt that stare, you’d rather run across hot coals bare foot. All he said this time (under his breathe of course) was “oh damn..” She turned back to the girls, and put her purse down on the counter.


          Mel was still in this dream world, it had to be a dream, why else would Angie be sounding like Izzy? What did this mean? Was he secretly still in love with his BM? He didn’t think so, but it was weird because he couldn’t remember. But as Izzy/Angie got closerhe realized that it wasn’t really either of them..Huh? No….It couldn’t be!!! No!!!! It wasn’t Angie. It wasn’t Izzy either. It was his first baby momma, Taji. Oh hell. Shits about to get real, he thought. This is DEFINITELY not good!

“Role Reversal”——-#GymelSmythe


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