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Gymel Smythe on Reverbnation!

Gymel Smythe on Reverbnation!

You guys can find all of my newest tracks here on Reverbnation!



“Nobody misses you until you’re dead and gone…” Well, unfortunately? That’s not gonna work for me. You see, in this fast paced world of ours today, everything is controlled by computers. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to Like a Facebook post, Tweet about our favorite eatery, or watch full length movies without leaving our seats…..Everything moves..so fast. So much so, that if we blink we literally miss something.My goal is to make sure you don’t miss as much. Oh i’ve been there. Turn your head for one second and you’ve missed that great deal on Amazon. Or, someone rings the doorbell (yes, we still have those) and when you get back to your fav recliner or Ikea desktop? 20 people have posted about the shooting that just happened as you were walking back. Almost instantly….You may ask yourself: what can i do to keep up? Well, you can point your browser in my direction. This blog is aimed at collecting relevant data about today’s world, including products that you’ve been keeping an eye on forever..And bringing it all together in one big, happy place. So. sit back, breathe, and get ready to take it back to the days when you actually had TIME to stop, research, and enjoy. I hope you find this site helpful, and economically smart.