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I just created my Google+ page….I need to populate it!!! Follow me!….LyteSmythe,Inc – Google+.


MLM Marketing-Brandon Boyd’s SolutionWUN System

Free MLM Programs

In the event that you have chosen that you need to begin your system advertising business then risk are you will require some free mlm programs, such as the one I utilize; Master Distibutor  Brandon Boyd’s SolutionWun Marketing System. This system itself is free, and Brandon also includes a way to make a good residual income by using it.

There are two things you will presumably need to get you involved, the first being a guide, as a course you can take to better comprehend the systems utilized by the main 3% of advertisers who really do make six or seven figure salaries a year.

Free MLM Programs

That is itself no mean accomplishment. There are many free mlm programming bundles and courses out there, some composed by certified system promoting prodigies who have the yearning to help new system advertisers. At that point there are the others, touted by those whose just longing is to grab new system advertisers’ money!

All that could be said in regards to this, is research and research some more. Make a rundown of every last one of names that always keep appearing before you when you punch in your search terms and afterward examine each of these individuals until you discover somebody you think you can trust. Perceive to what extent they have been in the business and in particular, do they really run their own particular effective system showcasing organizations? On the off chance that somebody is fair, and offering a course to help an amateur like you, they are additionally going to be consummately transparent about their history and what they have done to get them their status of “master” or “master”.

What Should This Program Have?

Any marketing system worth it’s salt will have a quality autoresponder, lead capture and squeeze pages, email swipe copy, and other tools that you will need to keep track of all of your leads.  The SolutionWun System incorporates all of this, as well as a pre written campaign! All you have to do is import your current list, and get started!


All the more Free MLM Program

There are a lot of people free MLM programming projects out there in the event that you look deliberately, and some offer courses at incredibly low costs as well. You can get all you have to think about system showcasing or MLM for presumably under $50. The genuine specialists are now profiting from their organizations; they are not attempting to scalp newcomers for money. On the off chance that somebody needs a gigantic sum for their course, don’t purchase it ( in my opinion, these systems should never cost more than $100). There isn’t anything they could potentially be giving at an enormous cost, which others don’t for a ton less – unless they are putting forth a lifetime supply of qualified leads!

When you have taken in, read and actually  picked your course, you will need to get sorted out. The day you get your first lead (Yay!) is the day you ought to begin searching for some product to get yourself composed. You will need to keep a considerable measure of generally sorted out data to help you when you have overlooked those first leads, and you will additionally need something to help you once you begin selecting a downline. Installments and items  must be followed as well as  all your notes and everything else that becomes possibly the most important factor with a fruitful MLM or system promoting business.

There are a lot of free MLM programs out there as well. I am constantly astonished at the things doled out free of charge, yet obviously some have strings attached, ( such as it’s free, but you can’t use your autoresponder until you upgrade) while numerous ones don’t. I tried every one out for size until I discovered SolutionWUN, (which utilizes the GVO autoresponder) and its less demanding to do it when you are beginning, on the grounds that once you begin getting leads, you will be excessively occupied with different things.

Discovering a great following and program is an essential  piece of a great MLM framework – and frameworks are what you require for triumph, so go and get this proven system and practice with it  today.

In the event that you are not kidding about building your MLM business, there is one  program I can prescribe at this time that has stood the test of time and that is Brandon Boyd’s Soulutionwun System. It provides for every one of you the apparatuses you need and a huge amount of insider propelled preparing you can use to produce activity to your site, create leads on interest, and push your business. In addition, it is the ideal answer to help you and your group begin – paying little mind to your aptitude level.

Actually, you will find that you can  create leads  in under 90 days working simply a couple of hours for every week. just using copy and paste techniques. Have a look at it. Brandon’s training gives you the blueprint for success. You can access it here: SolutionWun Marketing.


I hope this information has helped you a little bit, I really wanted to share what I use in my business everyday, as we all know that automation is a key factor in online success!

To your success,


Facebook Advertising: Beginning an Online Business

The freshest pattern in the web today is joining one of the numerous long range interpersonal communication sites. Here, you will have the capacity to stay in contact with your old companions and in addition your relatives and you will likewise have the capacity to make new companions and also meet new individuals. With person to person communication sites, you will see that it will make the world a more modest spot.

One interpersonal interaction site that is so well known around numerous individuals from everywhere throughout the world is Facebook. In this site, you will have the capacity to post your portraits, examine your diversions and side interests and also do other incredible things.

Previously, Facebook was confined to Harvard School learners. In time, it stretched to different schools and colleges until it got accessible for everybody over the age of 13 from diverse parts of the world.

Right away, the Facebook site now has more than 62 million dynamic clients around the world.

Right away, on the off chance that you have an online business, you will see that Facebook can essentially help you push your site and your business. Facebook showcasing is presently one of the most smoking patterns around online business people today. Only contemplate it, with in excess of 62 million animated clients around the world, you will most likely have a considerable measure of potential customers to work with.

As a result of the measure of individuals joining Facebook, a ton of online entrepreneurs are currently joining this person to person communication site keeping in mind the end goal to showcase their items or administrations. With Facebook, you will most likely have the ability to adequately advertise your site.

The extraordinary thing about Facebook today is that anybody will now have the ability to go along with it. Whether you are a school understudy or you are a business visionary searching for a corner market, Facebook is the place that you ought to go to.

Truth be told, Facebook is currently so extremely mainstream that it is presently contributing a great deal of cash for promoting to draw in additional individuals to join. With this sort of profit, you will see the potential on what your business can have.

Facebook and additionally other person to person communication sites are presently simply starting to see its true ability.

Today, you will see that Facebook has now propelled its Facebook Ads framework that will permit you and other individual entrepreneurs to formally publicize your items and administrations. You need to think about the way that individuals are three to five times more probable purchase a specific item if their companions propose it. On the off chance that you promote in Facebook, you will have the capacity to expand your deals.

Facebook is presently extremely prominent that it now holds ads for huge enterprises, for example, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and different organizations.

In this way, on the off chance that you are pondering promoting online for a business like Wakeupnow, and you need to expand your organization’s deals, then you may need to go for Facebook. Here, you will have the ability to build the promoting potential for your organization. Likewise, you will have the ability to contact more individuals and get a corner market for your items and administrations.

Along these lines, in the event that you feel that web promoting or advertising is not working for you, you may need to go for showcasing on Facebook. Here, you will have the capacity to perceive how successful promoting is by utilizing this stand-out informal communication site and you will have the capacity to expand your deals!

If would like more information about Wakeupnow and how you can save, manage, and earn residual income, click the Wakeupnow link, or fill out your information below, and I will you contact you as soon as possible!

As always, to your success,



WakeUpNow! Attracting Rappers???

Ok, this is crazy. The rapper Paul Wall signed up with #WakeUpNow, and he is not the only one. There are other entertainers, and even some professional athletes have joined. Why? Because they recognize that even if you have money, the value that you get from the products and the money that you save is crucial. Come on, lets be honest…They already HAVE money, so obviously, it’s about the benefits!

My question to you all is, are you willing to learn more about this business? Are you coachable? Would you be willing to put forth the effort to BE successful? This a business, first and foremost. Not just a “system”, we actually benefit from these products every single day. I guarantee that if you join the team, stick with it, and use the products, that you WILL succeed. If you would like to get more info about this opportunity, watch this 20 minute video. I promise you that the information is PRICELESS!



If you watch the video, and would like to move forward? Don’t hesitate to give me a call! Make the decision to take things to the next level! It seems hard, but remember when you first started riding a bike? It was scary right? Until you learned how to do it! Watch this video, with my coach, KeAmber Vaughn and then give me a ring. It’s never too late!!! Call me! Scott M. 678-913-5480.

Enjoy the information, and I hope that I can help you change your life!!

This Is What I Do…


Hey guys. I just wanted everybody to understand what it is that I do. A lot of people ask me, but it’s easier to show you than tell you. Here’s a quick breakdown on how our IBO’s reach the levels they reach, and how. After you watch this, just let me know what you guys think, okay? Enjoy!!

If you would like more information, send me an email, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or just call me!

S. Mitchell