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WakeUpNow! Attracting Rappers???

Ok, this is crazy. The rapper Paul Wall signed up with #WakeUpNow, and he is not the only one. There are other entertainers, and even some professional athletes have joined. Why? Because they recognize that even if you have money, the value that you get from the products and the money that you save is crucial. Come on, lets be honest…They already HAVE money, so obviously, it’s about the benefits!

My question to you all is, are you willing to learn more about this business? Are you coachable? Would you be willing to put forth the effort to BE successful? This a business, first and foremost. Not just a “system”, we actually benefit from these products every single day. I guarantee that if you join the team, stick with it, and use the products, that you WILL succeed. If you would like to get more info about this opportunity, watch this 20 minute video. I promise you that the information is PRICELESS!



If you watch the video, and would like to move forward? Don’t hesitate to give me a call! Make the decision to take things to the next level! It seems hard, but remember when you first started riding a bike? It was scary right? Until you learned how to do it! Watch this video, with my coach, KeAmber Vaughn and then give me a ring. It’s never too late!!! Call me! Scott M. 678-913-5480.

Enjoy the information, and I hope that I can help you change your life!!


This Is What I Do…


Hey guys. I just wanted everybody to understand what it is that I do. A lot of people ask me, but it’s easier to show you than tell you. Here’s a quick breakdown on how our IBO’s reach the levels they reach, and how. After you watch this, just let me know what you guys think, okay? Enjoy!!

If you would like more information, send me an email, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or just call me!

S. Mitchell



Unexpected. ..

So I was going for my daily run, and I happened to come across this bare area at the end of a cul de sac. It’s totally removed from the rest of the neighborhood. I can hear and see all kinds of birds chirping, behind me there is a small stream trickling away..its so peaceful. It looks like it used to be a tennis court, albeit one that nature is starting to reclaim.
This made me stop and think. Our world is so beautiful;  there are so many hidden treasures around us.Sometimes we have to step off of the beaten path to find these secluded spots. But then sometimes they are where we least expect them.
As I sit here and soak up this peaceful atmosphere,  all of the junk that’s plaguing the world seems ti just fade away…the gentle breeze has washed away my anxieties from earlier…this is beautiful.
One day the entire planet will be wrapped in paradise once again…and I hope I have the privilege to enjoy then, as I am now…keep this in mind when things are getting to you, when the rat race is overwhelming you. Just take the time to go exploring;  to step off the beaten path. You might be pleasantly surprised. -Gymel Smythe