454 Rmx- Gymel Smythe

Playing around in the studio the other day, I came across this instrumental from  DJ Pain1..... It's just ridiculously soulful, so I just did something to ride to in my car.... Enjoy, and check out Pain1, I promise you he has the hottest beats around! Don't forget to comment and share on #Soundcloud!   454 … Continue reading 454 Rmx- Gymel Smythe


Insomnia Has Destroyed My Night!

I.Cannot.Sleep!!!!. Sleeping pills don't work, neither does alcohol. So usually i'm up late (like now) trying to get tired. It seems like it's starting to work tonight, rather this morning ; but then again it's 2:51 already. I really wish i could sleep like my kids do...they could reach R.E.M sleep hanging upside down out … Continue reading Insomnia Has Destroyed My Night!

Unexpected. ..

So I was going for my daily run, and I happened to come across this bare area at the end of a cul de sac. It's totally removed from the rest of the neighborhood. I can hear and see all kinds of birds chirping, behind me there is a small stream trickling away..its so peaceful. … Continue reading Unexpected. ..